Segmentation is my lifeblood.  I have been tracking and studying the American Consumer for over 30 years as a social scientist. 

Desktop Analysis

A cost-effective quick look at your market.  I bring my 20+ years of experience to a desk-top analysis that defines your geographic market with demographic and psychographic clarity to illuminate the opportunity and vulnerability related to your business situation. Usually delivers within a few days to 2 weeks. Prices range between $4,300 - $10,000

Customized Segmentation Study

A customized study is a tiered approach to segmentation allowing for anything from base level segmentation with consumer definition to a comprehensive study including all four components below.

+Consumer Definition

+Product Definition

+Amenity Definition



Clarity and intimate knowledge of your consumer will guide you out of any business dilemma and steer you back into the demand curve. My proprietary algorithms refined over 20 years in industry optimize planning, design, and operational decisions.


Financial success isn't about building monuments to ourselves, it's about creating a product mix and experience of place that people will pay more for because it meets their needs and desires. - Michelle


Amenities mean different things to different people; beauty and value are in the eye of the beholder.  We take pride in understanding the values of many types of beholders! Sometimes amenities are naturally occurring due to geographic proximity, sometimes they need to be installed as investments in place making.  Knowing your consumers and their values allows us to demonstrate to you valuable gems that are already near you AND to help you create and prioritize your decisions to invest in creating new ones.  


Optimization is a skillful science that relies on a granular understanding of transaction data patterns, supply, demand, development costs, client specific constraints and consumer/market circumstances and values. It involves complex financial, demographic and psychographic data being run through scenarios until financial returns or value can no longer be maximized.  Our approach to optimization is iterative and involves economists and client input to ensure clarity of the most realistic outcomes. 


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