My email signature for 20+ years has concluded with my belief about how to live a happy life, be COMMITTED! "Wherever you go, go with all your heart."   - Michelle


Co-Chair                                                                                                                              2019 - 2021          

Founding Member                                                                                                                2001 - Present

"ASU Women & Philanthropy movement started out as a research project that I was involved in nearly 20 years ago.  Great, innovative cities and communities had some things in common, one of the underpinnings was the quality of thinking, collaboration, connectivity and commitment of the women who saw it's value.  Women who would stop at nothing to have that value emerge, grow and accrue to the world!"  - Michelle M. Mace

Guiding Principle.  Every Women & Philanthropy member who makes an annual contribution to the pooled fund contributes to its collective voice. Each year members decide how to distribute their funds among ASU initiatives and scholarship programs.  The choices we face are tough and meet these criteria:

  • We ensure student access and excellence
  • Fuel discovery, creativity and innovation
  • Champion Student Success
  • Enrich our Communities
  • Elevate the academic enterprise
  • Drive Sun Devil Competitiveness


Co-Founder                                                                                                                    2017 - 2020

Come Rain or Shine Foundation was a non-profit organization  creating social change through research, education, promotion and support of Conscious Parenting initiatives and programs.  In her capacity as Co-Founder, Michelle consulted with experts to review research, develop, deliver and raise awareness about the long-term implications parenting behaviors have on individuals, their relationships and society. 

Come Rain or Shine Foundation is a non-profit agent that provides educational and charitable support to organizations dedicated to supporting its goal of improving the lives of children in the United States. The organization is comprised of a board of directors, the members of which are responsible for directing the year-round grant-

The main characteristics of parenting that the Foundation seeks to promote include:

  • providing for a child’s physical and emotional needs from infancy through adulthood;
  •  creating a stable, nurturing home environment;
  •  sharing moral and spiritual guidance;
  • establishing boundaries and consequences for a child’s behavior;
  • participating positively and actively in a child’s life; and
  • acknowledging that the term “parent” does not necessarily refer to a biological parent of the child--older siblings, grandparents, legal guardians, uncles, aunt or foster parents exercise parental care to children--also seek resources and support. 

The Foundation offers support to programs that provide multiple levels of intervention with a goal of improving the overall well-being of the family through social support, health education, and curriculum development for parenting skills courses. Organizations receive such support from the Board based on an organization’s charitable objectives that align with the Foundation’s goals and objectives.  

ASU Project Humanities Institute lead by Dr. Neal Lester has been a leading recipient of grants from Come Rain or Shine Foundation. 

I was introduced to Dr. Lester as a result of my son, Andrew, serving as President of his HS Social Studies club. Andrew was regularly coordinating programs for 180 HS students to learn through cultural engagement.  Dr. Lester encouraged the students to make a pledge to live the Humanity 101 values.  The values were remarkably what I observed and loved about my grandmother. Having been raised by her at times, I thought these values might serve as a foundation for promoting and educating others in Conscious Parenting behaviors.  


Founding Member                                                                                                     2018 - 2021

TGen is an AZ based non-profit organization that studies root/genetic causes of complex diseases, in order to find more effective therapies for patients. The idea that no two patients are genetically alike, therefore they might benefit from therapies that are specifically tailored to their unique genetic blueprint. 

The TGEN Women's Council is harnessing the power of women's collective influence, energy and wealth for the purpose of rapidly moving scientific discovery to patient care in order to save lives.  


Executive Committee Member                                                            2002 - 2013

Board Member                                                                                              2000 - 2002

The Phoenix Zoo is a non-profit zoological park, committed to supporting wildlife recovery and research programs as well as habitat conservation across the globe.  Serving 1.4 million guests annually, it is an important education, experience and recreational amenity. The Phoenix Zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals, many who are endangered and threatened species.  Have you been lately?

The Good Egg Award is given to Board Members completing their terms of service.  It is a token of appreciation for service to the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation and The Phoenix Zoo.

Michelle's service to the Zoo included serving her consecutive terms as well as completing the term for a family member.  She served on the Executive Leadership Team for most of her tenure, was involved in the capital campaign and brought her expertise in Sticky Branding to help revitalize the zoo experience.

Shown left:  Bert Castro, President of ACNC and Phoenix Zoo, Michelle Mace and Peter Faur, 2013 Board Chair.


Patron's Circle

The O'Connor Institute Patrons Circle provides sustaining support to continue Justice Sandra Day O'Connors legacy and lifetime work to advance civics education, civic engagement, and civil discourse. 


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